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PDQ Value is a powerful and effective business valuation software system
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PDQ Value is a powerful and effective business valuation software system that delivers more and costs less than other software systems. PDQ Value is a serious business valuation tool that will provide insights into the performance of a company and explore the value of a business from different angles. Once you have selected a value, PDQ Value makes preparing a valuation report easy with its on-board Report Builder. The Report Builder merges conditional text with your analysis to create a pre-formatted presentation that you can edit in Microsoft Word—no more exporting or messing with clunky generic word processors. The result is a valuation report that is organized and fully explains the methods and assumptions used to reach the conclusion of value. PDQ Value includes many of the same analysis and business valuation methods Corporate Valuation Professional™, which is MoneySoft’s practitioner-level program and is highly recommended if you need to prepare valuations for tax and legal matters in addition to business planning. The first step is gathering data and building a database of financial information about the company. PDQ Value can handle up to 10 years of Income Statements and Balance Sheets. Historic Statements of Cash Flows, and Sources & Uses of Funds are calculated for you. To help you analyze the performance of the company, Business Ratios and Common Size financial statements are automatically calculated. You can then enter or import industry ratios and common-size statements to analyze the company’s performance compared to industry norms. Using these observations and information about the outlook for the company, PDQ Value guides you through each step in creating a comprehensive set of fully linked, line-item-by-line item projected financial statements for up to 10 years. This is the key to preparing an accurate estimate of the future earning capacity of the company. PDQ Value gives you maximum flexibility in preparing projections. You control the growth assumptions for every line item. To make your job easier, a unique “real-time monitor” of key financial data and ratios keeps you informed of the impact of each assumption as it’s made.

A common mistake in many projections is to ignore the adequacy of Fixed Assets. But not with PDQ Value! A highly innovative Fixed Asset planning system lets you dispose of assets, determine the amount of purchases needed to meet future growth and finance purchases while automatically keeping track of estimated depreciation.
The projected financial statements include Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Statements of Retained Earnings, Cash Flows and Sources & Uses of Funds for up to 10 years.
With projections prepared, you are ready to use the business valuation methods to select an appropriate value for the company.

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